Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another beautiful hike

Last weekend, the weather finally warmed up into the 70's and it was beautiful!  On Sunday, we packed a picnic lunch, got a late start (as usual), and hit the road.  We'd originally planned to go to the Elk Creek Falls, but with our late departure, decided to stop a little closer to home, at Spring Valley Resevoir.  However, when we arrived (which we should have accounted for), it was packed, so we drove a bit further, to Moose Creek Resevoir...same story.  In the end, we munched a snack on the road while the 4-year-old napped, and drove all the way out to Elk Creek Falls anyway.  It was worth the drive!  We haven't hiked there in at least 5 years, and it was a nice treat to make the hike while not pregnant (I have been at least 2 times I've hiked it), or either of us having to pack a toddler on our backs.

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