Monday, July 11, 2011

A new yogurt!

Okay, thanks to a prod from a friend, I'm going to try to get better about posting again!  Honest!

So, about a month ago, I ran across a new yogurt - Amande - an almond-milk-based yogurt from Cascade.  What really got me excited was that I can actually have it!  (Other yogurts, like the SoDelicious Coconut, use guar gum, which doesn't agree with me.)  Amande is reasonably priced (compared to other comparable yogurts), around $1.50/6oz. container, or $1.30 on sale.  It's gluten-, dairy-, soy-free and fruit juice sweetened.  Locally, I've only been able to try the peach and raspberry flavors, but I saw the other flavors at a store by my mom's.  I'll be waiting to try those soon!  The boys also got to try the yogurt...RAVE reviews!  We all loved the creamy texture.  I appreciated the natural colors (but not "natural" grey-tinged like the Riceara.).  The peach left a bit to be desired flavor-wise, as it was pretty mellow, but that could have been just me getting used to the 'juice sweetened' aspect.  I really liked the raspberry one, though - very tasty!