Thursday, September 2, 2010

And we're back

to school!  First day went well - Yay!  I'd forgotten how quiet the house is with only one child here!

I got the idea a few days ago to make cloth placemats and napkins for the boys' lunches. (Place mats so they have a safe/clean spot to eat at, and napkins since I'm striving toward the goal of a zero-waste lunch.) So, we perused the fabric store - they each chose one print for their place mats and they both liked the same print for the napkins.

The red swirls and the planetary motif are the place mats - 3 of each design (they measure about 13" x 10").  The skulls are the napkins - there are 4 of them (which are about 9" x 8").  All I did was cut them to size and zig-zagged around all sides.  Today I made 5 more napkins (10"x10") - two in plain blue, two in plain red and one half green/half little frogs.

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