Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More canning and organizing

More canning the other day, although the weather is not cooperating - it's in the 90's.  Way too hot, even though I do the actual canning outdoors (I really need a shade tent!).  Got 10 half pints of strawberry-honey jam and 13 half pints of blueberry jam put up.  Hopefully I'll get a picture added soon - they're so pretty!

Next up, I hope to try making some pickled carrots/onions/jalapenos since the local grocery stores no longer carry them.  Right now we're left to stock up any time we make it up to Spokane, so it would be great if I could master making them myself.

School starts in two weeks, so I'm starting to get into stock-up mode (baking extra bread, muffins, cookies and getting other snack foods made).  However, I ran into a problem this year.  My freezers are too full to hold extra baked goods.  So, I've spent snippets of time over the past few days to inventory all that is lurking in the depths of the freezers.  Now it's time to start some menu planning to use up some of this bounty!  (And, canning some rhubarb...my mother was generous with it this year and brought me 72 cups of frozen rhubarb!!)

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